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The Grand Staircase and to the right the Loggia, Malia The area known as the Loggia is an elevated stage on the west side of the Central Court. This style of platform, not found in any of the other Minoan palaces, was probably used in ceremonies.

The Grand Staircase and to the right the Loggia.

The Grand Staircase and the Loggia on the right, Malia


The terrace and the Kernos, Malia


The Paved Terrace


The unique Malia Kernos was found in this terrace. The large circular table with thirty-four small depressions around its circumference and a large circular depression in the centre is thought to have been an offering table used in religious rituals involving first fruits. It is supposed that the visitor, on entry, would be involved in a ritual before formally entering the palace.



The Paved Terrace, Malia

The Malia Kernos, Malia

The Storerooms, Malia The Malia Kernos, Malia

List of Places to Visit


West Corridor

Minoan Palace of Malia


Large Pithar

Queen's Hall

Loggia and Paved Terrace

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