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The West Court of the palace, Malia   Near the palace archeologists unearthed several parts of a Minoan city and about 500 m to the north, the Golden Pit or Chrysolakkos. It was a Minoan cemetery, from which came, among other funerary objects, the famous gold pendant of two bees (17th century BC) displayed in the Archeological Museum of Heraklion.


The West Court is an  archaeological site and has processional causeways leading to the north and south entrances. At the south entrance end of the west court are the Granaries that are built  as eight circular pits from the Old Palace Period before you enter the palace . These structures, as those of Knossos and Festos, are assumed to have been storage facilities. The pillar stumps indicate that the bins were roofed.

The circular structures or granaries, MaliaThe West Court of the palace, MaliaThe circular structures or granaries, Malia The terrace and the Kernos, Malia

Granaries are circular pits at the old Palace.

List of Places to Visit


West Corridor

Minoan Palace of Malia


Large Pithar

Queen's Hall

Loggia and Paved Terrace

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