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This once quiet seaside resort has become very attractive to the younger set of late, and the nightlife centered along the main strip of the town is pretty wild, especially during July and August. Having said that, don’t rule out the possibility for peace and quiet, simply concentrate your stay further away from the center, up to 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) should do it. The village itself has charming cobbled streets, and the archaeological site of Malia is worth a visit, though most of the visitors here are more interested in the nightlife!
Malia Crete Greece For adventures away from the beach, there are some lovely inland villages set amid beautiful landscapes, with tree-covered hills and small, mountain springs. If you’re traveling with children, you should consider a visit to the water park in Hersonissos, the largest one in all of Greece.

Crete is a wonderful island at the south end of Greece and every year consists a tourist attraction for millions of people from all around the world. Almost at the center of the island and at the north coast, lies the beautiful area of Malia, one of the most famous destinations for holidays in Crete.


Crete Greece Guide: Malia

 The road through the mountains will lead you to the charming hamlet of Krasi, which used to be the natural resort where some of the greatest contemporary writers of modern Greece came to rest. The wooded mountainsides that surround it, the ancient plane trees and rushing waters of its spring are a memorable experience.


Malia could be described as a party town occupied mainly by British teens. That explains the names of the clubs: LONDON, NEWCASTLE, MEANFIDDLER, CAMDEN, CORKERS  etc. If you enjoy cheap drinks, football talking, they are OK. However, if you are interested in contemporary dance music, some of the best European d-j’s often perform in HIGHWAY, ZIG-ZAG, ZOO .

Malia without any doubt is one of the top spots in Europe for nightlife. In the run up to the 2007 season, we look back at the events of 2006. Please see the links below.
Shopping at Malia is done at Paraksenies.

Malia Crete GreeceMalia Crete Greece Malia Crete Greece

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